Mobile escape room

Containers, trucks, caravans, tents, cubes, trunks...we offer a wide variety of mobile solutions to meet all your needs and bring the escape game closer to you.

Escape Container

An escape game in a container, did you imagine that? It's now possible thanks to us. Our standard play areas of around 30m2 allow us to accommodate 2 to 6 players simultaneously to offer a game experience identical to that of a classic escape room, all installed in less than 4 hours. The high modularity of our containers also allows us to meet your wildest requests to create game spaces out of the ordinary!

Escape Truck

We transform trucks and caravans of all kinds into mobile escape rooms. We adapt ourselves to your constraints in order to offer you the solutions best suited to your needs, whether it be in terms of the number of players, the duration of the puzzles or the surface area. Our escape trucks move everywhere. One person is enough to operate them. You have audio and video monitoring tools integrated into the structure to follow the progress of the players in real time!

Escape game mini

Ideal for your company seminars, team-building sessions or all kinds of events, our "escape room mini" solution consists of setting up several game mechanisms (physical or digital) and mobile decor elements in a given indoor space. Hyper modular, this solution allows us to create personalized scenarios for you, accommodating up to 200 people simultaneously. It is also our most economical mobile solution.

Escape Tent

We design escape rooms in the form of tailor-made event tents for your outdoor and indoor events. This format will not benefit from the same level of immersion as our "container", "truck" and "cube" structures but has the advantage of offering you a structure that is very easy to move and set up (less than an hour). It can accommodate up to 6 people at the same time.

Escape Cube

Dernier né de notre atelier, l’escape cube est une structure mobile de 10m2 à 15m2. Cette structure est dédiée aux évènements indoor qui souhaitent intégrer un escape game au look et à la finition haut de gamme. Facile à monter, l’installation complète de la structure ne prendra qu’entre 2 et 4 heures. Les scénarios de jeu peuvent accueillir jusqu’à 6 jours pour une durée de jeu entre 30 et 60 minutes.