Game design & scripting

Nos game designers sont en mesure de créer des scénarios et des intrigues uniques pour les escapes rooms, en s’inspirant de films et de jeux connus par le public ciblé, quel que soit l’âge. Des énigmes de différents niveaux de complexité, des rebondissements inattendus ainsi que du suspens sauront créer une immersion parfaite qui rendra les joueurs fans de votre escape room!


Game design at the service of your projects

Each scenario creation starts with an interview to define your project as well as possible. Nous établissons ensemble un cahier des charges afin de mieux évaluer les différents objectifs et contraintes de votre escape game et débuter la phase d’écriture.

We define with you the theme of your escape game. Based on our experience, we guide you on the most relevant themes to choose according to customer feedback, competition and your geographical area. 

Sur la base de la thématique choisie, nous créons l’histoire et le storytelling autour du scénario. Originalité, suspens, humour, frisson…telles sont certaines des clés pour créer un bon script.

We imagine the universe in which the players will evolve: type of rooms, layout, furniture, decor, materials, colours, accessories...all this in connection with the puzzles and games we design.

We imagine all the riddles of the scenario by relying as much as possible on the scenery to integrate the riddles with a maximum of coherence. Our puzzles are based on new technologies. They can be evolutionary, based on cooperation, logic, observation, excavation, communication or even address.

We then test all of our game elements to ensure consistency and quality from a gameplay point of view. The scenario is modified accordingly. 

The design workbook is finally written to describe all the structural elements of the scenario:  script and storytelling, room layout, decoration, puzzles, player scenarios, special effects, clues system, ...

The design brief

In case you only want to call on our team for the creation of a scenario. Here are the elements we can provide you with: 
  • Description of the scenario and storytelling
  • Layout and detailed plans of the play areas (furniture, accessories,...)
  • Recommendations for the realization of the decorations
  • Detailed description of the puzzles and recommendations for their completion
  • Scenario-related visuals and soundtracks
  • Scenario-dedicated clue system

You wish to be accompanied in the writing of your screenplay?

Our team is at your disposal to help you in its creation.