Scenography, lights and sounds

Notre équipe vous accompagne dans la création de scénographies ludiques uniques adaptées à vos contraintes.


The art of scenography

The scenography or the art of thinking and staging the space is at the heart of the success of an escape game or any other type of immersive entertainment. We accompany you in the creation of your projects to give them another dimension.

Project study and design

Nous proposons des services de bureau d’études, chargé de concevoir et développer vos idées en tenant compte de vos contraintes, de vos exigences et de la faisabilité technique.

Creation of the scenography

Lights, sound, scenery, costumes...we define the game elements, spaces and their interactions to create magical and captivating atmospheres.

Realization of sound and light effects

Thanks to numerous techniques from the world of show business, we create and realize all the light and sound effects to give life to the imagined scenography.


One multidisciplinary team
multiple and unique know-how

Interior design

We design all the spaces of your escape games and other leisure centres by playing with volumes, light, furniture and materials, while taking into account your technical and budgetary constraints.

Sound engineering

We install all the necessary audio systems to add an extra level of immersion to your escape rooms and other immersive entertainment spaces.

Tailor-made lighting

We illuminate your play areas thanks to a wide range of lighting and professional techniques (backlighting, LED strips, effects machines, animation lasers, black light, decorative lasers, etc.).

Audiovisual production

Our audio and video content (sound effects, soundtracks, 3D animations, teasers, etc.) are custom-made to put all ideas into music or images, improve the gaming experience and facilitate the promotion of your offers.