Digital solutions and automation

Nous créons et développons pour vous des softwares et hardwares pour la gestion de vos escape rooms. Fort de notre expérience du secteur et de notre connaissance des contraintes et des enjeux des escape rooms, nous vous proposons des solutions prêtes à l’emploi adaptées à vos besoins.

Programming of microcontrollers

Arduino, Raspberry PI, ESP8266, PLC,...we develop for you all your micro-controllers to give life to your mechanisms.

Embedded electronic systems

We adapt to all constraints to automate your sets and game elements, add special effects for a maximum of wow effects!

Applications desktop, mobiles et wear

Management and operating systems or digital gaming media...we develop all the applications to enhance the gaming experience of your customers.

3D programming, virtual and augmented reality

RV, AR, 3D and 360 videos...take advantage of the latest technologies to create extraordinary virtual worlds and make your customers travel.

Websites and marketing support

We offer our expertise and know-how in the creation of high-end websites to ensure maximum visibility for your business.

Booking and management systems

Facilitate the management of your leisure space with our turnkey reservation management solution. Save time and money with our reservation systems.

Enhance the gaming experience with our gamemastering software

Gérer le temps de jeu et envoyez des indices aux joueurs grâce à une application pensée pour l’escape game et pilotable depuis une interface sur votre ordinateur.

  • Time management and player progress monitoring
  • Clues management (texts, images, sounds or videos)
  • Multi-channel sound management
  • Management of electronic systems
logiciel escape game management software

Increase the immersion of your rooms thanks to our smartwactch transformed into a clue management system

Manage game time and send clues to players thanks to a smartwatch application designed for escape game and controllable from our gamemastering interface on your computer.

Do you have a project?

Our team is at your disposal to help you in its creation. Our multidisciplinary skills allow us to realize your wildest ideas!